Legionnaires' disease outbreak investigation toolbox

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Indicative pre-departure Equipment and Materials checklist

Personal protective equipment

Visibility jacket/vest

Hard hat

Safety shoes

Disposable latex or equivalent gloves

Safety spectacles

Ear plugs

Disposable overalls

Step ladder

Possibly: respiratory protective equipment (RPE)

Sampling equipment

Torch and batteries

Sterile 1 litre sample containers or new plastic containers. These should contain 180 - 200mg sodium thiosulphate to neutralise any chlorine or equivalent neutralisation for other oxidising biocides.

N.B. Some laboratories may require larger samples.

Sterile 2 litre bottles (in case split samples are required)

Equipment for taking swab samples and sediment samples


Tamper-proof tags and containers

Plastic bags - food grade, new


Sterile disposable dip samplers or sterile reusable metal dip sampler or sterile siphoning sampling device for sampling tanks.

Assorted spanners and screwdrivers


Electronic thermometer - calibrated and measuring from about 10°C to 1000C

Rubber bands

Cool box

Disposable paper tissues or towel

Discard bags

Plastic squeezy/wash bottle or suitable alternative containing a disinfectant solution of 1:10 dilution of sodium hypochlorite solution (bleach) or 75% ethyl or isopropyl alcohol

Alcohol wipes

Disposable overalls and other personal protective equipment

Sample request forms

Useful documentation


Site drawings

If possible, schematic of flow dynamics of the system being investigated

Site Legionella risk assessment