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The first identified outbreak of Legionnaires' disease occurred in 1976 [1]. Since then there have been many outbreaks of the disease, each with its own unique properties. Reflections on these historical outbreaks are useful resources to inform the response to a new outbreak. For example, Legionella outbreaks can manifest themselves in a range of sizes, from over one hundred cases; e.g. in Murcia [2], Japanese bath house [3] , Dutch flower show [4], Barrow [5], Melbourne [6] and Catalonia [7], to less than twenty in Virginia [8], Victoria [9], Rome [10], Portugal [11] UK [12] and a cruise liner [13]. A large number of outbreaks occur in an outdoor setting and are the result of legionella-contaminated aerosol releases by poorly maintained cooling towers [2; 7; 14-18]. It is important that the source of these outbreaks is found quickly and action taken to remove the bacteria since, given the right meteorological conditions, they have the potential to infect a large number of people. In the Pas-de-Calais outbreak in 2004, cases were found at over 6km from the cooling tower responsible [17]. This outbreak highlights the importance of effectively treating a contaminated system, since a second spike in the epidemic curve occurred, caused by an inefficient cleaning process which failed to prevent the release of bacteria into the atmosphere.

As well as these cooling tower releases, other outbreaks have occurred at particular events [4; 11; 19] or attractions [3; 6] in which the cases were at the source of infection only once. The types of sources involved can vary e.g. fountains [11], spa pools [4; 13]) and wet air conditioning systems [5; 20], and many of these larger outbreaks are summarised and analysed in [21].

Legionnaires' disease has also recently been linked to potting compost bought at garden centres [22] and to manholes [23]. Additionally, outbreaks have been known to occur within, or near, hospitals [14; 20] which is potentially more of a concern since some of the cases are likely to be immuno-compromised,making them more susceptible to infection and death.

Outbreak and clusters that have had some epidemiological investigation are listed here and more specfically with geographic information systems (GIS), either to detect an outbreak from surveillance data or inform the response, are discussed here

Report Citation Location No. of cases (including possible cases where applicable) Source Serogroup 1 subgroup
Edmond-Smith, 2006 [1] Barrow, UK 494 Air conditioning plant Benidorm
Garcia, 2003 [2] Murcia, Spain 449 Cooling tower Pontiac
Sasaki, 2008 [3] Miyazaki, Japan 295 Public bathhouse
Den Boer, 1999 [4] Bovenkarspel, Netherlands 188 Whirlpool spa
Fraser, 1977 [5] Philadelphia, US 182 Hotel lobby
Castilla, 2008 [6] Pamplona, Spain 146 Cooling tower Pontiac
Greig, 2000 [7] Melbourne, Australia 125 Cooling tower Pontiac
Sabria, 2006 [8] Cerdanyola, Spain 113 Cooling tower
Castellani, 1997 [9] Genova, Italy 98 Cooling tower Pontiac
De Schrijver, 2003 [10] Kapellen, Belgium 93 Whirlpool spa
Nguyen, 2006 [11] Pas-de-Calais, France 86 Cooling tower Lens
Klaucke, 1984 [12] Burlington, USA 85 Cooling tower
Henry, 2005 [13] Toronto, Canada 82 Cooling tower
O'Mahony, 1990 [14] Stafford, UK 68 Air conditioning plant Pontiac
Von Baum, 2010 [15] Ulm, Germany 65 Cooling tower Knoxville
Nordstrom, 1983 [16] Vasteras, Sweden 58 Cooling tower
Nygard, 2008 [17] Sarpsborg, Norway 56 Air scrubber
Sala, 2007 [18] Vic-Gurb, Spain 55 Cooling tower
Jansa, 2002 [19] Barcelona, Spain 54 Cooling tower Pontiac
Dondero, 1980 [20] Memphis, USA 47 Cooling tower
Watson, 1994 [21] London, UK 43 Cooling tower Benidorm
Garcia de Olalla, 2008[22] Barcelona, Spain 33 Cooling tower Pontiac
Mahoney, 1992 [23] Bogalusa, USA 33 Mist machine Philadelphia
Glasgow, 1986 [24] Glasgow, UK 33 Cooling tower
Darelid, 1994 [25] Varnamo, Sweden 31 Shower nozzels Benidorm
Sonder, 2008 [26] Amsterdam, Netherlands 31 Cooling tower
Alonso, 2004 [27] Zaragoza, Spain 30 Cooling tower Pontiac
Hugosson, 2007 [28] Lidkoping, Sweden 30 Cooling tower Benidorm
Brown, 1999 [29] Delaware, US 29 Cooling tower Philadelphia
Addiss, 1989 [30] Sheboygan, US 29 Cooling tower Philadelphia
Luna, 2005 [31] Torrevieja, Spain 28 Cooling tower
Blystad, 2001 [32] Stavangar, Norway 28 Cooling tower
Kirrage, 2007 [33] Hereford, UK 28 Cooling tower
Benkel, 2000 [34] Christiansburg, US 23 Whirpool spa Philadelphia
Fiore, 1998 [35] Franklin County, US 22 Cooling tower Philadelphia
Formica, 2000 [36] Thomastown, Australia 18 Cooling tower
O'Loughlin, 2007 [37] Rapid City, US 18 Decorative fountain Benidorm
Garbe, 1985 [38] Rhode Island, US 15 Cooling tower Philadelphia
Rota, 2005 [39] Rome, Italy 15 Cooling tower Philadelphia
Hunt, 1991 [40] Gloucester, UK 14 Cooling tower Pontiac
Correia, 2001 [41] Braga, Portugal 11 Decorative fountain

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