Legionnaires' disease outbreak investigation toolbox

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Literature Review

The literature reviewed in this document was primarily sourced using the Scopus citation database of peer-reviewed literature (www.scopus.com) using the following search criteria:

"((cluster analysis OR space OR spatial OR gis OR geographical) AND (legionnaires disease outbreaks OR legionellosis))"

The search uncovered 49 articles (see Appendix 1) although after reviewing the abstracts of those articles the number identified as relevant to this paper was greatly reduced. Additional articles, either cited in these articles or known to the authors were also sourced for inclusion and ELDSNET members were contacted in an effort to obtain un-published sources of information.

3.1 Literature Review: Legionnaires' disease outbreak response

3.2 Literature Review: Legionnaires' disease outbreak detection

3.3 Appendix 1 : Scopus search results

3.4 Appendix 2: Additional literature sourced